About us

Our cleaning company “Moldcleaning” is happy to see you on our website! As we understand, you have come across some difficulties with quality cleaning, and that is why you are here. Working with us, you can be sure that all your difficulties will be left behind!

  • You reduce the cost of keeping the cleaning personnel and costs for the purchase of cleaning products;

  • We clean in the most convenient time for you;

  • There is no service irregularity;

  • Equipment we use makes it easy to get rid of the most challenging filth;

  • We offer various options for cooperation, so each customer receives quality service at cost-based tariffs and with a full warranty.
  • How we are working

    We can guarantee:

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    5 problems faced by 95% of people when choosing a cleaning company:

    The appointed deadlines are broken. They promised to surrender the object yesterday, but have not yet passed.
    Use household chemicals and equipment not intended for professional cleaning

    5 reasons to order professional cleaning services in "MOLDCLEANING":

    5-year experience in all segments of the market.
    Comprehensive list of cleaning services
    99.8% of our clients renew contract with us every year
    Quality staffing
    Reasonable price for a European-class service

    omparison of the result BEFORE and AFTER our cleaning:


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